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Welcome to the Greaterthan wiki

Join us in documenting resources and learnings for awesome teams.

You can access the latest version of the team health rubrics here


Purpose - How clear and effective is the team's purpose?

Production - What is the quality of the work produced by the team?

Rhythms - How well does the team maintain predictable rhythms and rituals?

Meetings - How well does the team meet?

Decision Making - How are decisions made in the team?

Agreements - How does the team make shared agreements?

Relationships - What is the quality of the relationships between team members?

Communication - How well do team members communicate with each other?

Commitments - Do team mates keep their commitments to each other?

Roles - Who does what, when?

Development - How well does the team nurture the personal and professional growth of team members?

Improvement - How well is the team identifying and implementing improvements to how they work together?

Feedback - How well do individuals give and receive feedback?

Accountability - How are people held accountable for their actions?

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