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Somebody Should

Somebody should is a simple process to help a team surface ideas for internal improvements. It can help create a culture of normalizing suggesting ideas to improve things and is a great way to create an prioritised backlog of ideas to seed an internal improvement process.

Step 1: idea harvest

In slack, loomio or a comms channel of your choice invite team members to contribute ideas for things that “somebody should” sort out to make the team better. They can be big or small - there is no obligation to do anything with the idea or even to know how it could be actioned.

Depending on your team engagement it can be useful to leave this phase open from 2 days to 2 weeks - you can also do it in real time as part of an synchronous meeting.

Once all the ideas are submitted a moderator collates them and gives each idea a unique number.

Step 2: dot voting

Give each team member an equal number of votes - a good rule of thumb is 25% - 50% of the suggested ideas. So if there are 20 ideas, each person gets 5 - 10 votes. The number is somewhat arbitrary though, and the process works well within a wide range of votes.

People then vote on the ideas they think are the highest priority for the team to focus on. This can be done by creating a spreadsheet where each idea is a row and each person is a column and the number in each cell is the votes they allocate to an idea.

Participants can be given direct access to the spreadsheet to update their votes or a moderator can invite people to indicate their allocations in slack/loomio.

Step 3: share the results

This should created a prioritised list of ideas which can be presented to the team as an “FYI”. There is no obligation for anyone to do anything, but if you do have energy to make the team better here are some ideas about what the group thinks is the most useful tasks to focus on.

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