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Samsung introduced a dizzying number of Galaxy phones recently. Samsung's new Galaxy S10 has a new feature called Intelligent Performance“ that learn user habits, including the times they open and use specific apps in specific locations each day. Other phones that charge at regular fast charging speeds seem slow after using the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, and the extra time it takes to charge other phones is surprisingly noticeable.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is a great smartphone and will be a solid upgrade for anyone carrying a Galaxy S8 or older. It can scan a finger if it's wet, has a lag time of just 250 milliseconds, boasts a one per cent rejection rate and is measures in at just 0.15mm, so it won't result in chunky smartphones.

For 2019, we have the base Galaxy S10, the upgraded Galaxy S10+, and a completely new entry with the Galaxy S10e. Samsung is also likely going to use its event to share more information on the foldable smartphone it first teased in November. The Samsung Galaxy S10 X's “secret weapon” will be its a “life pattern” mode, according to ET News, an AI management system to automate various functions.

Samsung's Unpacked events are where the company usually reveals new Galaxy S models. Only available on Galaxy S10 and S10+. But that doesn't mean it cuts corners on build quality, boasting the same Infinity- design as the S10 and S10 Plus - which makes its 5.8-inch screen size much easier to hold than the Galaxy S9.

samsung s10 camera's Galaxy S10 range goes on sale today. Our own Ben Lovejoy argued that a customizable physical button would be a welcomed feature on the iPhone , and while such an addition seems unlikely considering Apple's tendency to remove buttons, I agree with his sentiments.

You'll also be eligible to get a free S10E, or $750 in credit toward a more expensive Galaxy device with purchase of the S10, though it requires a new line and credits the value of the free phone each month. Even similar features on previous Galaxy devices weren't this easy to fool.

Best Buy has launched its Galaxy S10 store pages and they provide one immediate reason for buying there rather than from Samsung directly: all unlocked S10 variants are $50 less expensive than over at Samsung official, assuming you activate it that day on Verizon or AT&T.

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