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When we are traumatized the symptoms we experience in the aftermath of trauma are associated with memories that are maladaptive stored or “stuck in trauma time”. EMDR restructures the memory uncoupling it from the emotions, sensations and physiological consequences formerly associated with it. Because EMDR heals the brain we now can begin connecting to adaptive information networks again and positive belief systems.

How Does EMDR Work? EMDR is a holistic approach that integrates the mind, body and spirit. EMDR focuses on the reorganization of brain and behavior, strengthens the ability to modulate emotions and releases trauma from the body.

EMDR Speeds Up The Healing Process By Using The Brain’s Natural Ability to Heal

EMDR therapy utilizes Bi-lateral Stimulation alternating between right and left hemispheres of the brain. This motivates our emotions, thoughts, sensations and memories. Leading to a result of breaking free of negative patterns and amplifies new positive insights. EMDR strengthens positive internal belief systems opening you up to a wide variety of new positive experiences in life. EMDR therapy not only resolves the traumatic memory, but also facilitates safety in healthy connection in relationships, healthy self-perspective, motivates healthy action and improves mood.

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