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A journey from relaxed hair to natural curls — and back again. Some men have a more oily scalp, some dryer. Head shape is so important when cutting short men's hairstyles. While roughly towel-drying hair won't directly cause split ends, it will create knots. A majority of Black hairstyles involve parting the natural hair into individual sections before styling.

Check out these pictures of this year's most popular short hairstyles for black women with flair and confidence. Since then, I've experimented with almost every hairstyle imaginable, including braids, cornrows, weaves, a pixie cut, a bob and bangs. Limiting how often you wear these hairstyles and using softer hair ties may help prevent damage.

If you're feeling follicularly challenged and haven't got a clue how to manage your mane then that's where we step in. With the help of some barbers who are experts when it comes to black men's haircuts, we've compiled all of the tips and tricks you need to make your afro hair majestic.

If not used repeatedly, will retain curls in a looser form to the natural curl. A hot comb is a medieval torture device used to punish Black women for not having straight hair that lives up to European standards of beauty hair tool used to straighten hair. Kabrina is also a level 1 DevaCurl certified stylist, making her a top choice for any curly client.

Naturally Curly, a website that teaches curly girls how to love their locks, recommends you style your hair with a silicone-free gel (shampoo is the only effective way to remove silicone so if you're avoiding shampoo, avoid silicone as well), never brush it, and stay away from playing with your hair while it dries.

They're also ideal for women who are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. dry finish shear cutting can be great for thick-haired women who want to remove bulk. It has been proven that with the proper hair care regimen, education, and a little patience, Black hair can grow.

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