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 +(Image: [[http://​​is?​iAp0BlFDU-SLn5dusQbC4KKKt0wIz1O3JBNo_-JTe_I&​height=232|http://​​is?​iAp0BlFDU-SLn5dusQbC4KKKt0wIz1O3JBNo_-JTe_I&​height=232]])Stylezza covers, for example, ​ [[http://​​info.php?​|women'​s clothing]] this week, the international beauty contest, Miss USSR Monaco during Monaco International Clubbing Show. It is well known that there is no better place to have a beauty contest rather than Monaco! We had already covered another one called [[http://​​home/​search.html?​sel=site&​searchPhrase=Glam%20Beauty|Glam Beauty]] Contest. The show has,  [[https://​​|women'​s clothing]] definitely a fashion presentation and this is the glamorous part everyone is looking for on an event. Stylezza organized an [[http://​​search/​amazing%20event/​|amazing event]] for the launching of Stylezza Shop at Monte Carlo Bay, a year ago, and  culture and  french riviera travel magazine the sparkling people who came to the event enjoyed a fabulous fashion show of three fashion designers that are part of the shop.
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